Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today our inspiration comes from the exotic cultures. One piece of jewellery can make you feel like a real queen. To become a real queen, your jewellery should be only 2 things: large and powerful. 

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Whether it is a bracelet, necklace or the ring-summer is perfect for overdosing in such  accessories because the skin is fabric free and it goes perfect with the whole summer look.


Even if you're the minimalist type, you can never fail with these simple coin necklaces. They just never go out of fashion and we're in love their mystic vibe.


Make your skin glow in the plain white dress, decorated with shiny metal pieces. Cause that's all you need to look glamorous. 


 Love, Invitation To Inspiration <3 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


There is something seriously wrong in being obsessed with body issues these days. And this is not about mainstream media trying to impose unreal body images to young women, it's about everyday women being obsessed with other women in real life. 
How many times have you heard someone or even caught yourself saying: ''You look too tired/You look too thin/ are you all right?'' It's acceptable to show respect to obesity, even though obesity can be serious health problem. Have we ever wondered why is that so?

We constantly, subconsciously or consciously approve or disapprove someone's body image. We are programmed to evaluate people around us in our own criteria. We know we are not perfect, and we don't want others to be perfect either, cause that wouldn't be fair,would it? Of course no one is perfect. Of course women are mostly aware of their huge or small boobs, thin or fat legs, there is no need to point out something to someone, we don't know which battles each person has in its own private life and how much it costs-and it's not our business. Unless it's our close friend and we have one and only wish for him: to be perfect and happy in her/his own terms.

There are women who are naturally thin, and eat more than our husbands and fathers, so when you point out ''with good intentions'' how thin they are, you are probably deeply inside insecure or unhappy with your own body. And the society accepts judging slim figure, cause, well, isn't that a model thing and what every  woman secretly wants? Sorry to disappoint you, but very often, because of constant pressure and obsession with other women's figure, women with larger breasts may wish a slim figure with small breasts and vice versa, slim women dream of Beyonce's body, so how can anyone feel happy in their own body? Let women be different. Leave your own insecurities to yourself. Do not project your own body image or personal body needs on other women.

We, women, have suffered so much because of constant pressure on being beautiful, sexy and what not, and instead of leaving it to the media and men, we make it all worse by commenting each other. It is very egocentric to think every body has the same needs and same reactions to the food and exercising habits as yours. Someone for example gets terrible pimples just from eating a chocolate, while someone eats junk food and still has a perfect complexion. Someone, somewhere else, dreams about eating spicy food without having any negative consequences. It's the same with everything else. 
So before you say to your friend, colleague, or even think about saying something like: ''You are terribly thin, don't you eat? / You gained weight a little bit, but that looks ok on you'', ask yourself: Am I mother of this person/Am I paid to count calories and measure blood pressure to this person/or...Or am I impolite little snob obsessed with body image?

Not every person with slim figure counts calories. Not every obese person eats more than you. But if you do, if you count every meal, leave it to yourself. Once you get comfortable in your own skin, any of this should not concern you. Sadly, some women suffer from the ''false nutritionist'' syndrome until the end of their lives, brainwashing their friends, relatives and everyone around them, causing real problems and serious psychological injuries to healthy people around them.
So stay beautiful and brave while fighting these comments from the jealous and frustrated people and leave the real problems to the professionals. Your body is your own private thing and no one sees it or hears it better than you. Think of this before you comment someone else or when someone approaches it like it's a public toilet. Even if you're beautifully slim. Especially then, because you're the world's favourite target these days. And that is very very sick.

Love, Invitation to Inspiration