Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The rocks are falling my child,
no one pushed them, no one stopped them
It's the nature being wild
it will soften, it happens often.

But you don't see people from all the stones
right behind you, building their walls
there are so many of us and everyone's so strong
thinking they're strong enough just being on their own.

And they don't know that being fragile is so beautiful
and they don't see that being fragile is so powerful
And when the rocks stopped falling from the mountain
They continued climbing like nothing ever happened.

photo by @lncnuvue

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Thursday, October 1, 2015


There is no such thing as disliking ankle boots. Through the evolution of the street style fashion, ankle boots have proven to be one of the most powerful weapons of every fashionista. The thing is, they fit every possible style you can imagine. Casual, elegant, boho, punk, classy, etc. We love them so much that there are even summer versions of these boots. Ask Kate Moss how to wear them, cause that's how the queen of street style created  her punk rock elegance.
Anyway, the autumn is here, and we are ready to put on our ankle boots, cause there's really nothing that's more comfortable and stylish in the same time. Suitable with jeans, maxi dresses, shorts, coctail dresses... seems like they just can't go out of fashion. Finaly, here are some of our favorite boot styles:

1. Military style

Dylan Xue for Vogue China 2015 by Nathaniel Goldberg

2. Cat walk

Anja Rubik


3. Queen of cool

Maja Wyh


4. On the top of the world

Hailey Baldwin wearing Zara

5. Rodeo girl

Buckles, zips, studs, fringes, minimalist pointed toe, open toe, open side, there are no limits when creating and combining your favourite styles.

And if you search for a more fresh autumn look, colour it up with ankle boots that come in different colours.

Kendall Jenner

Women and shoes, this is why we truly can't get enough of those. And every time you pick one pair, another one cries.  Do you already have your favourites? You know what Marilyn Monroe said:

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Saturday, September 19, 2015


There are some things it's hard to deal with when you're single, and I'm not talking about loneliness. I'm talking about passive aggressiveness of non-single people who are trying to play Cupid and put their single friends in awkward situations. If you're in happy and satisfying relationship, you shouldn't be obsessed with those Cupid games. Unless you're in primary school. In that case, all of this is irrelevant.
Forced love or forced relationships are cheap scenarios, so if you dig those stuff, keep it quietly to yourself.

Another thing. Being a single lady sometimes even scares people. For example-it looks like it's easier to define a person who comes in a couple. Why? Well, other couples feel more at ease that way, no matter how bizarre this may sound. It's also harder to talk with your guy friends if you're a single woman, since many people assume you're you're romantically and sexually available all the time, waiting ready and steady for the first male to jump on you.
Note to everyone: Not all the single people are dissatisfied and desperate, not all the couples have fulfilling and exciting lives, not everything revolves around romance and sex...Well, at least it shouldn't.

But the society keeps bothering us with the romantic advices making you wonder you only worth if you've found yourself a perfect match. Which doesn't even exist. So instead of just enjoying the life by creating rich experiences and making the best of who you can be, some women think that the life cycle consist of hunting men, and some men think every single women lives just for that. We all believe love is the most magical thing in this world, and that's exactly why it doesn't happen anywhere, any time. Ask any person who cares about the real thing.
So it is especially hard to be a single woman these days. It's like you almost have to apologise sometimes to the society for being single while defending your position and the role in any social gathering.

And some wise men in relationships may be in the delusion that they have some kind of secret knowledge to finding the holy grail: a partner. Be careful in these situations: if you don't agree with these people, and don't show appreciation for their kind irruption into your private stuff, they might put you in some crazy boxes.
Another advice for all the lucky singles out there who suffer from the invasive do-gooders: keep it up. You're good. Single, paired, whatever. It's always in the end you alone you have to deal with, no matter the circumstances.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today our inspiration comes from the exotic cultures. One piece of jewellery can make you feel like a real queen. To become a real queen, your jewellery should be only 2 things: large and powerful. 

via, via

Whether it is a bracelet, necklace or the ring-summer is perfect for overdosing in such  accessories because the skin is fabric free and it goes perfect with the whole summer look.


Even if you're the minimalist type, you can never fail with these simple coin necklaces. They just never go out of fashion and we're in love their mystic vibe.


Make your skin glow in the plain white dress, decorated with shiny metal pieces. Cause that's all you need to look glamorous. 


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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


There is something seriously wrong in being obsessed with body issues these days. And this is not about mainstream media trying to impose unreal body images to young women, it's about everyday women being obsessed with other women in real life. 
How many times have you heard someone or even caught yourself saying: ''You look too tired/You look too thin/ are you all right?'' It's acceptable to show respect to obesity, even though obesity can be serious health problem. Have we ever wondered why is that so?

We constantly, subconsciously or consciously approve or disapprove someone's body image. We are programmed to evaluate people around us in our own criteria. We know we are not perfect, and we don't want others to be perfect either, cause that wouldn't be fair,would it? Of course no one is perfect. Of course women are mostly aware of their huge or small boobs, thin or fat legs, there is no need to point out something to someone, we don't know which battles each person has in its own private life and how much it costs-and it's not our business. Unless it's our close friend and we have one and only wish for him: to be perfect and happy in her/his own terms.

There are women who are naturally thin, and eat more than our husbands and fathers, so when you point out ''with good intentions'' how thin they are, you are probably deeply inside insecure or unhappy with your own body. And the society accepts judging slim figure, cause, well, isn't that a model thing and what every  woman secretly wants? Sorry to disappoint you, but very often, because of constant pressure and obsession with other women's figure, women with larger breasts may wish a slim figure with small breasts and vice versa, slim women dream of Beyonce's body, so how can anyone feel happy in their own body? Let women be different. Leave your own insecurities to yourself. Do not project your own body image or personal body needs on other women.

We, women, have suffered so much because of constant pressure on being beautiful, sexy and what not, and instead of leaving it to the media and men, we make it all worse by commenting each other. It is very egocentric to think every body has the same needs and same reactions to the food and exercising habits as yours. Someone for example gets terrible pimples just from eating a chocolate, while someone eats junk food and still has a perfect complexion. Someone, somewhere else, dreams about eating spicy food without having any negative consequences. It's the same with everything else. 
So before you say to your friend, colleague, or even think about saying something like: ''You are terribly thin, don't you eat? / You gained weight a little bit, but that looks ok on you'', ask yourself: Am I mother of this person/Am I paid to count calories and measure blood pressure to this person/or...Or am I impolite little snob obsessed with body image?

Not every person with slim figure counts calories. Not every obese person eats more than you. But if you do, if you count every meal, leave it to yourself. Once you get comfortable in your own skin, any of this should not concern you. Sadly, some women suffer from the ''false nutritionist'' syndrome until the end of their lives, brainwashing their friends, relatives and everyone around them, causing real problems and serious psychological injuries to healthy people around them.
So stay beautiful and brave while fighting these comments from the jealous and frustrated people and leave the real problems to the professionals. Your body is your own private thing and no one sees it or hears it better than you. Think of this before you comment someone else or when someone approaches it like it's a public toilet. Even if you're beautifully slim. Especially then, because you're the world's favourite target these days. And that is very very sick.

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Monday, July 20, 2015


Once upon a time there was a peasant girl who said yes to everyone. She was taught that being there for other people was the only moral compass a righteous man must follow. The only times she thought of her own pleasure was when she was singing. Her songs were a blessing to everyone who could hear them and the peasants loved them.

One day, the king asked if someone would cut their hair for his queen. His queen wanted to make the most beautiful dolls in the world. 
The girl thought: ''I should cut my hair. It's too long anyway and it's not like it makes me any special or cute.'' So she cut off her beautiful hair and the king organized magnificent party for the whole village to show appreciation for her sacrifice. Everybody applauded and approved the girl, but none wanted to really meet her, for the queen was the star of the party and the girl now looked too poor. ''It shall grow again'', she thought, ''It's more important to be a good person than to look pretty.''
The queen made beautiful dolls with beautiful hair, and soon she realised they would look even more pretty if they had real body parts. So the king made an offer-whoever gives one finger for the queen, his statue will be made in the centre of the village so that everyone remembers him forever, and his courage and selflessness shall become glorious. The girl thought, ''I have enough fingers, I could give one. It's not like I am anyone special and my hands don't serve this society enough.''
She gave one finger from the hand, and one from the feet. Another glorious party was held in the castle of the village, and everyone applauded the girl, saying: ''That was very brave. I wish I was brave like that'', ''There aren't enough people like you in the village'', ''But I don't remember the girl who cut her hair, is she here too?''. The girl thought:''Her dolls are beautiful and eternal, my fingers were worth it.'' 
Soon, she realised that life wasn't easy without  anyone around to help her with all the everyday work, especially when one doesn't have all the fingers. People from the village tried to stay far from her, being afraid their help would be needed and no one enjoys the freak company. They were more fascinated by the beautiful statue of the girl, expressing their admiration and appreciation in front of it.
The queen has almost finished her work, and the dolls were about to look spectacular. Still, they would look even more majestic if they had real tongues. So the offer from the king was made again: ''Whoever gives his tongue, this village will have his name and everyone shall remember the sacrifice of the brave person pronouncing his name for eternity.'' But this time the girl didn't want to sacrifice herself. She would though, if only she wasn't so fond of singing.
Since there hadn't been any volunteers, the king decided to search for the girl to make her give her tongue. He told her:''You have done so much for this village. If you give your tongue, the people shall remember and speak your name forever. Is there anything more kind than giving yourself to other people, and gaining such respect, honour and glory no man other than myself will ever have?''. ''But I'm dead if I can't sing, your majesty. I honour your offer and kindness, but please, take anything other than my tongue.'' The king was disappointed, angry and so afraid of the queen's reaction if he returned to the castle without a tongue. Being that weak, he decided to kill the girl. As the girl realised what was going to happen, she started to sing:

''Where love lives, there is no place for trade
I served my life and now it's late
this wasn't love, this was all hate
I'm not giving myself on the plate''

The king was so overwhelmed by the melody that he became speechless. He took the knife, cut his tongue off and went back to the castle. The queen asked the king who's tongue he had brought, but the king could not speak. When the queen realised it was his own tongue, she tore apart all of her dolls, demolished the statue and ordered a murder of the girl so that everyone forgets her unfortunate obsession. When the soldiers came after girl, she started to sing:

''one,two, three
none of us is free
for five six
the vanity exists
eight nine ten
it will cost you in the end''

The soldiers were astonished by the sound coming from the girls mouth. Before they realised, she had already been far gone and no one has ever heard a word from her again. The queen decided to execute the soldiers, and the music was forbidden from that day on until the queen herself died. 

Still, once in a year, the peasants swear they could hear the storm screaming the melody of the girl, singing: ''no more'' . Today, if you asked them about the king and the queen, they would not know. They don't remember the name of the girl either. They would tell you there was a fingerless and bold evil witch who enchanted the village with a song and escaped the death penalty. And the witch lived happily ever after in another kingdom. Peaceful and free.


Love, Invitation to Inspiration