Tuesday, August 21, 2018


This post has no intent to condemn social networks and modern ways of accessing information and communication. It is a well known fact social networks have many pros in terms of offering us many possibilities and diverse opportunities previous generations didn't have. They are respectable source of free global knowledge and offer us different ways of individual expression. They built ways to meet new people, ideas, places, cultures, etc. Because of many pros, people often ignore the obvious traps of this social experience, taking it for granted by just playing the game and following ridiculously invented rules. And since we're online everywhere, we are very much part of this game non stop. So how does this affect our everyday life?

  1. Seizing the moment

Carpe diem. We all know there are thousands of quotes about seizing the moment, as well as books which try to convince us that the moment is all we have. And if we don't live it, we are not living at all. But just thinking about this all the time, doesn't help at all. Especially when people try to freeze their moments online and glorify them through facebook and instagram. That way it is more important for the moment to look good so others can approve you, than to enjoy your life for yourself. People tend to get frustrated easily trying to participate in that game, thinking that it is the only way to live the moment, to have a life worth seeing by other people. You end up caring more about others enjoying YOUR moment, than enjoying it for real. The thing is, that's not true either, probably. People just feel they can gain more satisfaction that way. And moment by moment, you forget to feel your own life.

         2. The illusion of missing out the ultimate life

No one normal will bother posting a photo of a ''normal'' everyday moment...Not without decorating it - changing the coffee cup for the photo to look better, spreading arms towards the sky so you think it is super excited to stand at the exact place of the photo shoot, posting a quote under the exaggerated selfie to normalize the idea of that photo, using all kinds of animals to show off your hair, outfit or fancy couch…Of course, most people don't go that far. Sometimes a cup is just a cup. Our brains and eyes don't care these insta photos are never the reality itself. There are thousands of tricks and apps which do miracles for plain existence, and some of them are great artistic tools and can be fun. So when your scrolling all these perfect scenery photos, dinners, parties…Either they're selling it to promote something, or selling it to gain non existent satisfaction, or to prove something. But we all know we keep best ''things'' for ourselves and have no urge to prove we have them to anyone. Your brain receives this as life is happening as the photos, as if you must immediately be in every part of the world and try every trendy look, all at once. You know there's no logic to it, but your brain feels it's real. New travel destination wont bring you ultimate life. Or new clothes. Or famous friends. Or new kitchen. Travelling is lovely and we love pretty things. But this is the never ending chase for the hottest brand ever: ''the ultimate life''. And it doesn't exist, definitely not on social networks. But this brand can steal your time, money and identity - whether you're aware of it or not.

3. Distortion of perception

When chasing the ultimate life, you must look real good, too. Thanks to Kardashians, her managers and many more, now it is sexy to have strong curves all over the world. Fill your face too occasionally and be proud of your accentuated features when spontaneously photographed. Of course you're a smart woman full of inner life, but you want to be more, a super hot woman full of inner life. You too can be the unique exotic queen, just like everyone. And all this apps, even snapchat funny ones, are showing you that if you do just this little intervention, you'll be super cute! Google search snapchat dysmorphia. The shit is real. While you're obsessing over these looks while scrolling photos and taking selfies, your brain is being tortured with false ideas again. Suddenly you're not pretty. You're not THAT. Your brain feels you're just not enough. More fillers, more plastic, be a cat, be a  horse, become a fucking sculpture, or hide yourself, you plain human. The good news is that today, everyone can be beautiful, you just got to pay. Or learn tricks. Fair as it is.

4. Dehumanizing human experience

     So what has happened to all these everyday things in life most people love? Travelling, animals, food, clothes, parties, friends, families…We are selling it for our own story. See, if I can't sell my family because I think it's not insta interesting, I'll sell my trip to Thailand or Island. Think about it…If there wasn't a possibility to show to everyone all the things you do, would you really do all these things? And what about friendship? We're all friends on these networks aren't we? Level up is taking a photo with some of them. That is MANY friends. Sounds cool, but the sad truth is people are forgetting the meaning and the feeling of being a friend. Lost in their own self realizations and false self improvements, they've almost lost the human instinct to truly connect, love and built life with other like-minded human beings. Humans are social beings and we are forgetting what that means thanks to social networks and online chatting. We meet and greet and then go back to our own false realities. We're obsessed with out own life story and selling it to others, forgetting that only hand in hand with others we can make a story worth living and telling. Love, families and friendships have been dehumanized by communication apps and cheap quotes. We have filtered our lives so much that all that is left is a pretty envelope without any letter in it. 

      If you ask why would we let such things culminate, it is because there is so much financial profit to it. Fashion industries, marketing, pharmacy, aesthetic medicine, consumers lifestyle makes a good life all over the world in so many business areas. It is a perfectly organized machine for a modern lifestyle that there is almost nothing left to question, change or experience deeply and personally. Also, there is too much to do, see, try, catch, buy and sell.

Evolution gone crazy? What will future bring for the people, how is global connecting serving us to become better, healthier and happier humans ? Everyone online points out the rising issue of mental health problems and the need to overcome prejudices concerning them, so people are really starting to bring some important issues up through social media. And yet, no one speaks about the role of social media in the growing percentage of mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety as most common. Exaggerating? Ask your parents how did they fight these issues. You might get a better answer to all of these questions.

Stay online and safe, love you



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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Wash your face and teeth
Make a smoothie at 8 AM
Run to catch a seat
Take a selfie tag a friend

Share your love for babies,
Puppies, cats, environment
Throw away your cigs
Pray for peace and happy end

Stop being stuck up
The 90s are over
Everyone's a model
Everyone's sober

Stop being stuck up
Take another gamble
Something might come up
If you light a scented candle

Did you make a perfect home
In minimalist design
Made a meal from TV
What's your favorite sushi style?

Did you prove them all wrong
When they said you'll never leave
Everything you cared about, 
everything that's free?

Stop being stuck up
Acting smarter than the rest
What's your price tag honey,
What's the thing you do the best?


Love, ITI

Monday, November 27, 2017


Oh Lord, grant me patience,
through the love, with this anger; 
with each and every single want and cry.
Not to be enchained and tricked by the present,
consumed in its blindness and promising lies.

Show me the strength instead of these sins,
the first one is harder to seek, most times.
I don't want to break any more bricks,
let me flow gently in straight simple lines.

So much noise when you try to hear the truth,
I'll throw away the key unless it was from You.
You've made all the stars, so why do we all worry?
Tell him I'm flowing, no need to hurry.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Movies and fashion are both visual form of art, so it is not a surprise they have always influenced and supported each other. Sometimes mainstream fashion recalls vintage styles from the classic movies, sometimes mainstream movies use fashion as their secret weapon. Either way, being stylish never goes  out of fashion and that is why we will recall now some of our favorite fashion inspirations from the famous movies.

1. The devil wears Prada (2006.)

Let's begin with a movie inspired by story about fashion industry. I remember watching this in 2006. and falling in love with Andy's fashion rejuvenation. We all wanted to recreate her new outfits so much. And still today, the clothes, the visual details, it is all perfectly arranged and eye flattering, as it should be. The real proof that even though fashion trends gently change, great style never goes out of trend.



Every fashionista worships Holly Golightly and has tried to recreate ''the simple black dress''look. And who could blame anyone for that. Just as diamonds and pearls are forever, so it is the beauty of a classic fashion look from the movie. The style and grace of Audrey Hepburn have been an  inspiration for every woman, from teenager to an older age, as in 1961, and so it is today. And what makes this movie a fashionable classic is that you can enjoy it through different phases of your life in new ways, appreciating different visual details each time. The cat-eye sunglasses, the casual flats or lovely coat, we're in for it all.

Surely the title of the movie indicates the beauty of this movie. And beautiful Julia Roberts doesn't need all those expensive clothes to look stunning, but nevertheless her style was wonderful and it is still inspirational, even on celebrity carpets. Who could forget polka khaki dress or the evening gowns, or her famous shopping walk in the creamy outfit? Oh, and the hats, don't forget those amazing high class hats. Even Vivian's ''hooker outfit'' is pretty much relevant to the latest artistic performance trends. No offense to any performance artist, only praise for this ageless chic movie.

Probably nothing revolutionary in terms of fashion in this movie, but it is nice homage to the romantic aspect of the 70's, the old school french style which suits Angelina Jolie so well, naturally. Minimalist colors, silk, bonnets that accompany the summer mood of some isolated lovely french coast, just flawless.

No performance artist can make of fashion what Whitney hasn't done already, even just in this  movie. From her stage outfits to casual 90's vibe, the most recent trends couldn't go further from here: over-sized sweaters, classy evening gowns, Cleopatra style, tinsels, metallic details, you name it. The definition of diva is right here, with beautiful Whitney just being what she really was. Obviously we aren't talking just about movie or Rachel here anymore. But this movie is a joy to the heart and the eyes and we are thankful for this visual treasure.

The hippie fashion of the 70's is something you might dislike in a theory, but cannot escape from. Its influence is omnipresent and never ending. Fashion has always been retrospective, like every other aspect of the culture. Back in that time it was all about freedom, so when it came to a fashion style, the rules were simple: No such thing as too much or too little. The colorful patterns, tunics, fur, rock n roll, we're in 2017 now, aren't we? The character of Penny Lane is not so fictional when talking about fashion icons, and it is still influencing many of the street style fashion, defining the classic ''boho look''. You may find some Penny Lane in Kate Moss, Olsen twins, Kate Hudson herself, Florence Welch…and we would love to see the more of it, not just during Coachella. The only trap of this free spirit bohemian expression is the trap of uniformity, ironic some would say. That is why we only named few names, known for their personal originality. And remember, as Penny says, never take stuff too seriously.

The iconic resting bitch face, legendary Elvira played by gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer. This one makes the glamorous style look cooler than ever. Sparkling plunge dresses looking casual, classic white costume looking as the most powerful weapon, one pieced swimsuit looking hotter than ever on her skinny model looking figure. Silk, richness of the colors and the simplicity of fashion items are faithful to the character through the whole movie, defining iconic Elvira's style. An inspirational fashion statement of a femme fatale who doesn't spend too much time or thought on trying to be one.

Even if the movie goes much deeper than some obvious fashion ideas, the fashion truly follows the ideas of the movie. As the characters of Thelma and Louise change, connect, and grow stronger, the same thing happens in their clothing style. We see two lovely ladies in the beginning wearing romantic scarves and summer tunics, converting slowly into two beautiful punks in washed up jeans and plain rock n roll tees. No need to say more.

This movie defines true sex appeal speaking in the language of fashion instead of cheap vulgarity. Even though the fashion isn't the most obvious and important part of such movie, don't ever underestimate its role. Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke play theirs so naturally, without even trying to look too good. Elizabeth style is minimalist, casual, feminine, classic beauty of the 80's, a fashion lessons we should definitely look up to today. Notice latest trends: slip dress, oversized coats and sweaters, the elegance of the color black, and so on. Simply everything in this movie is a visual masterpiece.

Fashion of course is not just about fancy dresses and classy outfits, the most interesting part of the fashion is the visual statement a character or a person makes. Then again, Lisbeth, punk, edgy and wild, could also be just as much a Replay or a Diesel model, or maybe Alexander Wang's creation at its finest. And maybe beautiful is not a word to describe her outfits, but the beauty of her style is real – there is no piece of a clothing she puts on that we wouldn't want to try on. So yes, we talk about her fashion style and it is beautiful. Rooney Mara is all in it and she perfectly supports this dark movie and the story in it. Maybe the saddest moment in a punk culture happened when punk has become a part of the mainstream fashion. What was once a statement might be today just some trendy expensive fashion look. Still, not everyone can pull it off so well. Maybe the biggest rebellion today should express itself through carelessness for the fashion style, or complete unpredictability. But let's be honest: who could lie to himself that much? If Lisbeth wore plain jeans, pink sweater and had a simple ponytail, there would be no such story as Girl with a dragon tattoo.

Thanks for scrolling!


Love, Invitation to Inspiration <3