Thursday, November 26, 2015


"The main thing, when a sword cuts into one’s soul, is to keep a calm gaze, lose no blood, accept the coldness of the sword with the coldness of a stone. By means of the stab, after the stab, become invulnerable."
Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks

I was given a sword
to cut the ropes they had bought me
the gift wasn't cheap at all
but nothing costs more than my story

And I played the part of a perfect doll
I chained myself for you
and I wanted to be more
so I found my shiny sword
in the corner of bedroom
still bloody and cold, 
but no more colder than you

I'm cutting everything
it was me, pleased to meet you
I've played this part before,
throwing back the bones, 
pleased to meet you
burned forest, demolished walls,
It was me, pleased to meet you
and now there's nothing there at all
I was there once, pleased to meet you

Once I was given this sword
God knows I know when to reach it
I'm not Emma Bovary, or the whore who needs a preacher
I apologize right now for thinking I could be her
they should have known better, should have found a better teacher

Frida (Julie Taymor | 2002)

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Monday, November 23, 2015


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Last season camel coats were ruling the streets and female closets, and this season too we cannot resist them. Neutral colours continue to dominate the winter, but that doesn't necessarily include boring or dark look when you know how to wear your coat stylishly. What we love about coats is that they are ageless symbol of elegance. Both for women and men. They make winter look hot in all kind of ways and in all occasions.
Lately the shades of light grey have become very popular among fashion followers, because it brightens up the dark winter vibe, while fitting perfectly with the classic winter wardrobe. Still, it's always more fun and interesting to go for something unique, be it a different colour. Our favourite colour for this season would be cherry red, but nicely shaped coat can play with any colour as long as you like it. You might want to play with its cut too, for example, a long coat beneath the knee lately looks better than ever. Straight and masculine cuts are also very popular among women, since they follow the trends of the minimalist fashion.
Here are some of our favourite coat styles:

1. Straight line

2. Camel coat 

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3. Light elegance


4. Colour game

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5. Animalistic fashion

Whether you're more of a classic, casual or trendy style follower, the fashion of the women's coats goes beyond that and that's why it has resisted the test of time. So you clearly can never go wrong with a nicely shaped coat, unless it's summer!


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Monday, November 16, 2015


Although only skin deep, tattoos are much more than that. Sometimes they are reflection of our inner scars, and sometimes just a reminder of a person we want to be and steps we want to take...

" This is for you, for us. I wanted a tattoo of you
on my skin, because I can't show you the one you've 
already left on my heart "

Gina L.Maxwell

...a small reminder of the cities where we left
our hearts...

...a reminder of all of those furry souls which have
our lives for the better...

...and how their paws are not only imprinted
in our hearts, but also on our skin ...

...tattoos as a reminder that in order to fall in love
with other people's "flowers",
we have to embrace their "thorns" too...

...and that people will " cut " us where we bleed
the most...
so that we don't forget how strong we really are...

 ... we need a tattoo to remind us to move on 
further without fear...
It does not matter whether it is a new love, 
a job interview, a new city 
 or life in general...
with every step you take, believe and have no fear... 

and never forget to be inspired along the way... 

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Saturday, November 7, 2015


I came to conclusion that evil people aren't aware of the evilness in their hearts. In fact, there are no evil people. Only occasional or constant sickness in people who make wrong moves. Because they always seem to justify to themselves this ''evil'' with some crazy logic. On the other hand, they never follow those same rules when it comes to others. But the truth is, like it or not, that trickery, anger, gossip, selfishness, egotism, rudeness, cruelty, jealousy, discrimination, intolerance, ignorance, addiction, etc., they all come from the same source. They cannot and never will come from love. Person who seeks justice and rejects love, will never find peace and balance falsely justifying evil. Once you understand this, you'll break the illusion you're trapped in and then you may find peace.

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