Saturday, November 7, 2015


I came to conclusion that evil people aren't aware of the evilness in their hearts. In fact, there are no evil people. Only occasional or constant sickness in people who make wrong moves. Because they always seem to justify to themselves this ''evil'' with some crazy logic. On the other hand, they never follow those same rules when it comes to others. But the truth is, like it or not, that trickery, anger, gossip, selfishness, egotism, rudeness, cruelty, jealousy, discrimination, intolerance, ignorance, addiction, etc., they all come from the same source. They cannot and never will come from love. Person who seeks justice and rejects love, will never find peace and balance falsely justifying evil. Once you understand this, you'll break the illusion you're trapped in and then you may find peace.

photo by Invitation to Inspiration

Invitation to Inspiration <3

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