Monday, December 14, 2015


 " The designer places him in the role of the future dweller, and tests the validity of the ideas through this imaginative exchange of roles and personalities. Without usually being aware of it, the designer turns into a silent actor in the imaginary stage of the project. 

In the end of the design process, the architect offers the building to the user as a gift. It is a gift also in the sense that the designer has given birth to the other's home as a surrogate mother gives birth to the child of a women who is not biologically capable of doing it herself.

As buildings are extensions of our bodily and mental faculties,the metaphor of giving birth even has an extended meaning. Profound architecture is a gift in yet another sense; it transcends its given conditions and conscious intentions; a creative work is always more than it could be rationally deducted or foreseen- otherwise it would not qualify as a creative act. "

Juhani Pallasmaa ( via )

Casa Gilardi (Gilardi House) by Luis Barragan, 1976,
Tacubaya, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015


"The main thing, when a sword cuts into one’s soul, is to keep a calm gaze, lose no blood, accept the coldness of the sword with the coldness of a stone. By means of the stab, after the stab, become invulnerable."
Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks

I was given a sword
to cut the ropes they had bought me
the gift wasn't cheap at all
but nothing costs more than my story

And I played the part of a perfect doll
I chained myself for you
and I wanted to be more
so I found my shiny sword
in the corner of bedroom
still bloody and cold, 
but no more colder than you

I'm cutting everything
it was me, pleased to meet you
I've played this part before,
throwing back the bones, 
pleased to meet you
burned forest, demolished walls,
It was me, pleased to meet you
and now there's nothing there at all
I was there once, pleased to meet you

Once I was given this sword
God knows I know when to reach it
I'm not Emma Bovary, or the whore who needs a preacher
I apologize right now for thinking I could be her
they should have known better, should have found a better teacher

Frida (Julie Taymor | 2002)

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Monday, November 23, 2015


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Last season camel coats were ruling the streets and female closets, and this season too we cannot resist them. Neutral colours continue to dominate the winter, but that doesn't necessarily include boring or dark look when you know how to wear your coat stylishly. What we love about coats is that they are ageless symbol of elegance. Both for women and men. They make winter look hot in all kind of ways and in all occasions.
Lately the shades of light grey have become very popular among fashion followers, because it brightens up the dark winter vibe, while fitting perfectly with the classic winter wardrobe. Still, it's always more fun and interesting to go for something unique, be it a different colour. Our favourite colour for this season would be cherry red, but nicely shaped coat can play with any colour as long as you like it. You might want to play with its cut too, for example, a long coat beneath the knee lately looks better than ever. Straight and masculine cuts are also very popular among women, since they follow the trends of the minimalist fashion.
Here are some of our favourite coat styles:

1. Straight line

2. Camel coat 

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3. Light elegance


4. Colour game

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5. Animalistic fashion

Whether you're more of a classic, casual or trendy style follower, the fashion of the women's coats goes beyond that and that's why it has resisted the test of time. So you clearly can never go wrong with a nicely shaped coat, unless it's summer!


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Monday, November 16, 2015


Although only skin deep, tattoos are much more than that. Sometimes they are reflection of our inner scars, and sometimes just a reminder of a person we want to be and steps we want to take...

" This is for you, for us. I wanted a tattoo of you
on my skin, because I can't show you the one you've 
already left on my heart "

Gina L.Maxwell

...a small reminder of the cities where we left
our hearts...

...a reminder of all of those furry souls which have
our lives for the better...

...and how their paws are not only imprinted
in our hearts, but also on our skin ...

...tattoos as a reminder that in order to fall in love
with other people's "flowers",
we have to embrace their "thorns" too...

...and that people will " cut " us where we bleed
the most...
so that we don't forget how strong we really are...

 ... we need a tattoo to remind us to move on 
further without fear...
It does not matter whether it is a new love, 
a job interview, a new city 
 or life in general...
with every step you take, believe and have no fear... 

and never forget to be inspired along the way... 

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Saturday, November 7, 2015


I came to conclusion that evil people aren't aware of the evilness in their hearts. In fact, there are no evil people. Only occasional or constant sickness in people who make wrong moves. Because they always seem to justify to themselves this ''evil'' with some crazy logic. On the other hand, they never follow those same rules when it comes to others. But the truth is, like it or not, that trickery, anger, gossip, selfishness, egotism, rudeness, cruelty, jealousy, discrimination, intolerance, ignorance, addiction, etc., they all come from the same source. They cannot and never will come from love. Person who seeks justice and rejects love, will never find peace and balance falsely justifying evil. Once you understand this, you'll break the illusion you're trapped in and then you may find peace.

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Monday, October 26, 2015


In this era of cynicism, irony and sacred individuality, we are forgetting how simple life actually is. Not because we're not children any more, but because we've somehow learned we should withdraw from everything that makes us look carefree and happy as when we were kids.
To begin with the family. No matter how hard we believe we grow up only by breaking these old relations and patterns, it's still the place that stays true to us. Regardless of how far we go, or how special we think we are. Cause your  family, whoever that was and might be today, doesn't care how cool you are. They don't care if you hate them. You'll always know where they are, even if you run away, because they will never let you think you can't go back. That's what family is. A silly place to go back to whenever we want.

Here are some of our favourite family feel-good movies to go back to: 

One of Robin Williams`s genius performances. And this heart warming movie is not just about family. It is about importance of selfless love and laughter that goes with it. ''Life is too short to be taken seriously''.  The movie questions the ideal father and mother figure from different points of view and makes fun of the strict social conventions, inside and outside the family. It questions what it means to be an adult and the answer is in being true human being to everyone and accepting the responsibility that goes with it. Only if we lose our hearts in that process, we fail in life. We miss you, Robin.

Mrs. Doubtfire: [after being introduced to Natalie] I admire that honesty, Natalie, that's a noble quality. Never lose that, because it often disappears with age, or entering politics.

Touching story about mother-daughter relationship. And no better choice than Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman to portrait it. It's about social and financial life struggles, hardships of being a woman, growing up in unstable environment, being single parent , which only get worse when you have two completely different personalities genetically obligated to endure it together. Only to realize there is so much more to family than sharing same blood. It's a story that never gets old, so simply and unpretentiously played, that's why it is on the list as one of those rare diamonds you find and want to keep forever.

Ann: And even if you hate her, can’t stand her, even if she’s ruining your life, there’s something about her, some romance, some power. She’s absolutely herself. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never get to her. And when she dies, the world will be flat, too simple, reasonable, fair.

Another great performance of Suusan Sarandon, and the acting chemistry between her and Julia Roberts is amazing. At first, the story about ''the other woman'', shown in such refreshing and loving way. Also, it breaks all of the stereotypes of being a stepmother, and as the movie goes deeper into the subject, it becomes much more than the story of changing family dynamics. It is the reconciliation of the old and new rules, old and new love, and accepting of course. Wonderful character and plot development and memorable moments where beauty of life beats its worst defeats.

Isabel: You know, I never wanted to be a mom. Sharing it with you... that's one thing. It's another to be looking over my shoulder for the next twenty years, knowing someone else would have done it better... someone else would have done it right.

Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Bryan MacKenzie at his best. When ''dad`s little girl'' decides to grow up and marry, the ordinary story just gets crazier and crazier. That's what happens when you have a perfect normal family. Let's clear out that family ceremonies can never be something normal and ordinary and comedy always happens when different backgrounds meet. Especially from the inner perspective of a  disoriented father of the bride. It brings up all those common negative hidden emotions in these great life changing events, making an entertaining story for all the generations. 

George: You worry about her meeting the wrong kind of guy, the kind of guy who only wants one thing, and you know exactly what that one thing is, because it's the same thing you wanted when you were their age. Then, you stop worrying about her meeting the wrong guy, and you worry about her meeting the right guy. That's the greatest fear of all, because, then you lose her. It was just six months ago that that happened here. Just six months ago, that the storm broke.

How messed up can a family be? What is normal and what is crazy these days? This movie will lighten up your thoughts about family and life in its own dark and intelligent way. Paradox, as life can be. Little miss sunshine is a true representation of the social context we live in and modern life absurdities which have become generally accepted without too much questioning. The movie makes fun of all kinds of struggles we meet in our lives, but it never makes fun of human weakness. In fact, it glorifies it as it should. Just as life, this movie is one unpredictable adventure: scary, funny and full of love. And there's the meaning to everything. Its playful approach to all kinds of contemporary problems different generations are  dealing with is just genius. Amazing cast, a movie to remember.

Richard: Oh my God, I'm getting pulled over. Everyone, just... pretend to be normal.

The story revolves around young, troubled girl named Vada. A simple life story about life overcoming loss. Single father trying to rebuild his family, a daughter in need for a maternal role model but feeling threatened by father`s new beginning, a childhood friendship and the beauty of innocence, growing up and learning everything is in fact connected...Very subtle comedy drama about fragility and sweetness of life, a movie that stays in your heart like an old friend.

Vada: Why do you think people want to get married?
Thomas J. Sennett: When you get older, you just have to.
Vada: I'm gonna marry Mr. Bixler.
Thomas J. Sennett: You can't marry a teacher, it's against the law.
Vada: It is not.
Thomas J. Sennett: Yes, it is 'cuz then he'll give you all A's and it won't be fair.

This drama comedy is a true classic, showing that family also means sticking together no matter the circumstances. Unusual story where completely different worlds meet: a homeless man, wealthy woman and an orphan girl discover common life by breaking their own rules. In the heartless world, the opened hearts meet. And the humorous aspect of it make the movie so easy to embrace, throwing our masks off and letting us enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Bill Dancer: You can cry and not feel sad, just like you can feel sad and not cry.

Very self concious teenage girl, with many questions about love, life and family, gets pregnant. Supported by her cool tempered father and her confused and cute yes and no boyfriend, she decides to bring life and make the best possible scenario for it. A comedy about life, yet very realistic movie about its unpredictability and uncertainty. With a light approach to everything and a very clear note in the end: everything is complicated as much as we make it.

Vanessa Loring: Your parents are probably wondering where you are.
Juno MacGuff: Nah... I mean, I'm already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?

9. Jumanji

Underneath this funny and adventurous fantasy there is a common story about growing up and becoming an adult. A boy must confront his fears to become one. A father-son relationship that goes through the test of trust issues, great expectations, and poor communication. The movie plays with our perception of time, explaining the essence of the empathy: putting yourself in someone`s shoes is the only way to understand, forgive and grow. We are all children and adults in the same time. Sometimes the most realistic movies are wrapped in a veil of absurdity and fantasy. That means you must enjoy every part of this movie, unless you like to define the limits of the human imagination.

Alan Parrish: What, are you crying? You don't cry, all right? You keep your chin up. Come on, keep your chin up. Crying never helped anybody do anything, okay? You have a problem, you face it like a man.
[Peter continues to cry and Alan realizes what he just said]
Alan Parrish: Hey, hey, I'm sorry, okay?... Twenty-six years buried in the deepest darkest jungle, and I still became my father.

10. The Lion King

The Disney masterpiece. The king of the cartoons. Movie which portrays majestically the simple philosophy of life, the whole circle of it. All of the subjects we've mentioned are placed in this movie. We've watched this as kids, deeply emotionally went through it, and still feel there is so much to learn from it. The old and the young, the bad and the evil, the life and death, the meaning of family, friends, and love, the meaning lost and found.

Adult Simba: I know what I have to do. But going back means I'll have to face my past. I've been running from it for so long.
[Rafiki hits Simba on the head with his stick]
Adult Simba: Ow! Jeez, what was that for?
Rafiki: It doesn't matter. It's in the past.
Adult Simba: Yeah, but it still hurts.
Rafiki: Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or... learn from it.

Each one of these movies celebrates the victory of love and forgiveness in their own particular way. Ten stories to remind us that life is full of miracles. Which one is your favourite?
Watch, re-watch & enjoy while you can, & remember, the haters gonna die in their hate.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The rocks are falling my child,
no one pushed them, no one stopped them
It's the nature being wild
it will soften, it happens often.

But you don't see people from all the stones
right behind you, building their walls
there are so many of us and everyone's so strong
thinking they're strong enough just being on their own.

And they don't know that being fragile is so beautiful
and they don't see that being fragile is so powerful
And when the rocks stopped falling from the mountain
They continued climbing like nothing ever happened.

photo by @lncnuvue

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Thursday, October 1, 2015


There is no such thing as disliking ankle boots. Through the evolution of the street style fashion, ankle boots have proven to be one of the most powerful weapons of every fashionista. The thing is, they fit every possible style you can imagine. Casual, elegant, boho, punk, classy, etc. We love them so much that there are even summer versions of these boots. Ask Kate Moss how to wear them, cause that's how the queen of street style created  her punk rock elegance.
Anyway, the autumn is here, and we are ready to put on our ankle boots, cause there's really nothing that's more comfortable and stylish in the same time. Suitable with jeans, maxi dresses, shorts, coctail dresses... seems like they just can't go out of fashion. Finaly, here are some of our favorite boot styles:

1. Military style

Dylan Xue for Vogue China 2015 by Nathaniel Goldberg

2. Cat walk

Anja Rubik


3. Queen of cool

Maja Wyh


4. On the top of the world

Hailey Baldwin wearing Zara

5. Rodeo girl

Buckles, zips, studs, fringes, minimalist pointed toe, open toe, open side, there are no limits when creating and combining your favourite styles.

And if you search for a more fresh autumn look, colour it up with ankle boots that come in different colours.

Kendall Jenner

Women and shoes, this is why we truly can't get enough of those. And every time you pick one pair, another one cries.  Do you already have your favourites? You know what Marilyn Monroe said:


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