Thursday, October 1, 2015


There is no such thing as disliking ankle boots. Through the evolution of the street style fashion, ankle boots have proven to be one of the most powerful weapons of every fashionista. The thing is, they fit every possible style you can imagine. Casual, elegant, boho, punk, classy, etc. We love them so much that there are even summer versions of these boots. Ask Kate Moss how to wear them, cause that's how the queen of street style created  her punk rock elegance.
Anyway, the autumn is here, and we are ready to put on our ankle boots, cause there's really nothing that's more comfortable and stylish in the same time. Suitable with jeans, maxi dresses, shorts, coctail dresses... seems like they just can't go out of fashion. Finaly, here are some of our favorite boot styles:

1. Military style

Dylan Xue for Vogue China 2015 by Nathaniel Goldberg

2. Cat walk

Anja Rubik


3. Queen of cool

Maja Wyh


4. On the top of the world

Hailey Baldwin wearing Zara

5. Rodeo girl

Buckles, zips, studs, fringes, minimalist pointed toe, open toe, open side, there are no limits when creating and combining your favourite styles.

And if you search for a more fresh autumn look, colour it up with ankle boots that come in different colours.

Kendall Jenner

Women and shoes, this is why we truly can't get enough of those. And every time you pick one pair, another one cries.  Do you already have your favourites? You know what Marilyn Monroe said:


Invitation to Inspiration <3