Thursday, November 26, 2015


"The main thing, when a sword cuts into one’s soul, is to keep a calm gaze, lose no blood, accept the coldness of the sword with the coldness of a stone. By means of the stab, after the stab, become invulnerable."
Franz Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks

I was given a sword
to cut the ropes they had bought me
the gift wasn't cheap at all
but nothing costs more than my story

And I played the part of a perfect doll
I chained myself for you
and I wanted to be more
so I found my shiny sword
in the corner of bedroom
still bloody and cold, 
but no more colder than you

I'm cutting everything
it was me, pleased to meet you
I've played this part before,
throwing back the bones, 
pleased to meet you
burned forest, demolished walls,
It was me, pleased to meet you
and now there's nothing there at all
I was there once, pleased to meet you

Once I was given this sword
God knows I know when to reach it
I'm not Emma Bovary, or the whore who needs a preacher
I apologize right now for thinking I could be her
they should have known better, should have found a better teacher

Frida (Julie Taymor | 2002)

Invitation to Inspiration <3

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