Saturday, September 19, 2015


There are some things it's hard to deal with when you're single, and I'm not talking about loneliness. I'm talking about passive aggressiveness of non-single people who are trying to play Cupid and put their single friends in awkward situations. If you're in happy and satisfying relationship, you shouldn't be obsessed with those Cupid games. Unless you're in primary school. In that case, all of this is irrelevant.
Forced love or forced relationships are cheap scenarios, so if you dig those stuff, keep it quietly to yourself.

Another thing. Being a single lady sometimes even scares people. For example-it looks like it's easier to define a person who comes in a couple. Why? Well, other couples feel more at ease that way, no matter how bizarre this may sound. It's also harder to talk with your guy friends if you're a single woman, since many people assume you're you're romantically and sexually available all the time, waiting ready and steady for the first male to jump on you.
Note to everyone: Not all the single people are dissatisfied and desperate, not all the couples have fulfilling and exciting lives, not everything revolves around romance and sex...Well, at least it shouldn't.

But the society keeps bothering us with the romantic advices making you wonder you only worth if you've found yourself a perfect match. Which doesn't even exist. So instead of just enjoying the life by creating rich experiences and making the best of who you can be, some women think that the life cycle consist of hunting men, and some men think every single women lives just for that. We all believe love is the most magical thing in this world, and that's exactly why it doesn't happen anywhere, any time. Ask any person who cares about the real thing.
So it is especially hard to be a single woman these days. It's like you almost have to apologise sometimes to the society for being single while defending your position and the role in any social gathering.

And some wise men in relationships may be in the delusion that they have some kind of secret knowledge to finding the holy grail: a partner. Be careful in these situations: if you don't agree with these people, and don't show appreciation for their kind irruption into your private stuff, they might put you in some crazy boxes.
Another advice for all the lucky singles out there who suffer from the invasive do-gooders: keep it up. You're good. Single, paired, whatever. It's always in the end you alone you have to deal with, no matter the circumstances.

Invitation to Inspiration <3