Monday, December 14, 2015


 " The designer places him in the role of the future dweller, and tests the validity of the ideas through this imaginative exchange of roles and personalities. Without usually being aware of it, the designer turns into a silent actor in the imaginary stage of the project. 

In the end of the design process, the architect offers the building to the user as a gift. It is a gift also in the sense that the designer has given birth to the other's home as a surrogate mother gives birth to the child of a women who is not biologically capable of doing it herself.

As buildings are extensions of our bodily and mental faculties,the metaphor of giving birth even has an extended meaning. Profound architecture is a gift in yet another sense; it transcends its given conditions and conscious intentions; a creative work is always more than it could be rationally deducted or foreseen- otherwise it would not qualify as a creative act. "

Juhani Pallasmaa ( via )

Casa Gilardi (Gilardi House) by Luis Barragan, 1976,
Tacubaya, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

Love, Invitation To Inspiration <3