Friday, June 8, 2012


In the sea of so- called avant garde, self proclaimed artists, there is a woman who is truly all that- JOSIPA LISAC.

A Croatian singer, born on Valentine`s Day 1950, inspires us to be bold and unique. 

Why not show who we really are with our clothes? Do we always have to hide our true selves behind the uniforms of the socially accepted looks?

Josipa has always been ahead of her time...

Most of Josipa`s fashion collaborations have been with a Croatian designer Ksenija Vrbanić and her distinctive and  intriguing brand Xenia Design.

Living her life as a fashion experiment, Josipa is chic on and off stage.

Josipa`s style may not be everybody`s cup of tea, but we must admit it- she sure knows how to wear it!

Josipa`s fashion choices have always been scrutinized, but her brave spirit and the quirky character make her bulletproof to criticism.

We should all learn from Josipa how to be playful with our wardrobe.

Dare to be different!

May Josipa`s style teach us a lesson of being true to ourselves, of being playful, high spirited and colourful.
Why wait for the world to make us happy, when we can do it with our own fashion sense!


  1. I love the looks, so cool. :)

  2. Josipa is truly amazing! I´m so glad I found your beautiful blog!

  3. wow dear!!amazing hair style!!
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  4. great post..I love avant garde fashion!
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  5. Beautiful looks!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. i love that she expresses herself. :) she is beautiful.

  7. fantastic blog!:) keep it up!
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