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You want to feel both classy and comfy at work? That is possible of course. Sometimes we sacrifice our comfort in order to look good, or opposite, we think that wearing comfortable clothes means losing effort in making the best for our looks. Just like you want your working space to feel and look good, it is the same with your body. The fashion can be simple when we want it to, and this is how you can make it all both simple and stylish, by following these easy steps:


You get up early; you spend the whole day at a workplace. Whether you move much or not at all, you want to feel good in your skin. Skin loves high quality materials. When picking any piece of clothing, try to avoid any material that isn’t cotton, viscose; basically, and any natural material will do good. After you made your skin to breathe, we can go to the next step.


We know the heels make most women feel extra classy, and we will not tell you to put them aside. Just make it easier by choosing shoes with heels that are not above 5 cm, and remember that a shoe platform can do wonders. Avoid plastic shoes that simply look good, or shoes in which your feet cannot breathe. Again, consider high quality materials, such as leather. In summer, avoid flip flops no matter how shiny they might be, and choose something light and soft. The footwear is the base of everything, because once your feet feel comfy, you have already mastered the comfort rules. Sneakers on the other hand are not a synonym for classiness.  Not even platform sneakers.

Summer: platform sandals, flat sandals

Autumn/Winter: leather boots, ankle boots

Spring: simple pointed flats, flat platform shoes


Black truly is the queen of colors. It can make basic clothing pieces look stylish and it is easy to combine it with other colors. Unless sportswear and sports leggings, everything counts as good. Black jeans or knee length skirts, women pant suits, etc. Just pick the right cut. Don’t choose strict pencil cut or high waist at any cost, or skinny fit if not feeling comfy in it. Stretch materials are always a good idea. Basically, whether you’ll choose pants or skirt, make sure they make you feel good. Sometimes, you can find a pair of pants that are both classy and comfy! Basic cotton tees are welcome, and if you combine them with a straight line blazer, you’ll look very classy. You can always go for a simple long casual dress, with or without sleeves. It will make you look stylish without too much effort. Just remember that a dress or a skirt should be at least above knee-length. Also, sleeveless shirts should stay just like that, sleeveless. No point in showing you're a beach person in an office, and save that extremely hot decolletage for the evening parties. Comfortable also means you're clothes serves you perfectly, so you can feel relaxed and confident in any given moment. 
To lighten up a black outfit, pick a cute piece of necklace or a delicate scarf. It looks like it is time to point out to some details…



If you’re a watch addict, or you simply like wearing watches, try to choose one fine quality piece, metal or leather watch, jewelry like or classic style, doesn’t matter as long as it's a quality watch you would wear for practical reasons, not just as a fashion statement. The details do matter. Also, very often, too many details can make an outfit look cheap and...not so serious. So never spruce too much. Not with jewelry, not with clothes, not with the shoes, not with the hair, not with the make-up. It is simple as this: If you’re feeling you might be wearing too much unnecessary stuff, you probably are. Also, watch out for the nail polish. You can go fully nude, as long as it looks neat. Red, black or dark blue, never with tinsels. Forget about plastic too, in any version. If you think this is too serious, well, your blouse and pants don’t have to be black and white. It can be floral, as long as it doesn’t look as you borrowed it from your grand mom or your niece. A perfect fit means everything. Another thing: your business bag isn't a party purse. It should be comfy enough for all the accessories you might need. Shoes and bags are really something you should pick in terms of quality. The rest (size, style) goes after that. And remember, you are a woman, not a school kid. If you can wear your bag to the gym, then change it. That’s the working rule.


There are good hair days, and bad hair days. And that’s ok. The same goes with the skin. But you should know what is under your human power: if your hair doesn’t feel as freshly washed, you can choose a sleek style and make an awesome bun or ponytail. There are also dry wash sprays which prevent you from washing your hair too often. If you have problem with the dry skin, pick creams for dry skin as your everyday companion. Thermal water can also help your skin feel healthy and hydrated, especially during the summer. Know your face, and choose wisely the foundation and your daily cream considering your skin type and the season. The rest is easy. Dark strong lipsticks can look good, but never accentuate your eyes and lips at the same time. Also, be careful with the eye shadows if you’re fan of it. Avoid colorizing your face in that way. And lip gloss should never look as a glue on your face. Natural look is always classy, as long as natural doesn’t mean you don’t care about your face. Simply don’t try too hard with the hair, especially with the the make-up, but just enough to show respect for yourself and for the place where you’re spending your working time. Why must everyone know how many hours of sleep did you have last night, anyway. Make-up can be women’s creative weapon as long as it serves you, not making you a servant.

You cannot control or be under mercy of good looks every day. You don’t have to look good every day. You don't have to be Victoria Beckham. You can go with Lady Gaga if that's your thing. Both can do great. It wont do you harm if you chose your own inspirational fashion icon. Anyway, this is all about you feeling comfortable at work and showing with your outfit that you know you’re not at home in front of a laptop or in gym getting ready to work out. 
I would finish this office story with 2 things: first, less can be more. Second, when you’re desperately trying to make a profit from the low prices, you’re only gonna lose more.  Of course you should go for awesome discounts, but make a thing yours by choosing something that will truly serve you. Check out this working clothes collection by Betabrand & stay inspired! Few basic pieces of clothes with a nice cut and nice material, lucky pair of shoes and your favorite piece of bag can do wonders. 
Good luck workers, and remember: stylish means feeling good and having fun!


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