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Fashion was never just about glamor, it`s about making an attitude, expressing yourself through certain style. One could say the same about rock 'n' roll. Models have many times crossed the boundaries of the classic modelling and built their own public persona, becoming greater than fashion. We have picked our favorite legendary moments in the fashion history, starting from the 80's:

I should have been a rock star. But I can't sing.

It seems like this lady has never followed the rules of the fashion industry. She took advantage of her natural beauty and invented her own rules in the fashion game. Just until those same rules have taken its toll on her - her story finished too soon. Watch Angelina Jolie's brilliant performance in biographical movie Gia to get the clearer picture. Speaking of beauty, fame and the truth behind it.

Seymour was primary lingerie and hosiery model for relatively new Victoria's Secret company. She has modeled for many notable magazines and designers. In the early nineties, she dated a rock star Axl Rose and played the memorable roles in Guns N' Roses videos. Some great works of art were born from blending those two worlds, witnessing how fashion and music go hand in hand when in love.

She is almost like a rock star of the fashion world. From the start of her career in the early 90's she has completely modified the modelling industry beauty standards. And it's not just her looks that made her stand aside from the mainstream fashion world. Her lifestyle has always been related to rock 'n' roll culture. She was in a romantic relationship with Johnny Depp in his most rebellious (or hottest) phase. Around 2005 she dated Pete Doherty for a few years, the relationship which was followed by the press and which made them one of the most iconic couples (due to their wild lifestyle). Today she is married to Jamie Hince, guitarist from The Kills (it can't be a lawyer, can it?). Her career has gone upwards even in her darkest phase and through the years she has matured, keeping her coolness more than ever. Never following trends, always being just Kate. And that is why she cannot be imitated, or replaced, as a true fashion and pop culture icon.

In 2007, Deyn was featured on the cover of the Vogue magazine, being part of the new supermodel generation. She later appeared on many other famous covers and commercials, only until 2009 when she quit modelling in order to search for a different kind of lifestyle and career. She is definitely a face to remember, having a successful yet short modelling career, in addition to her unique sense of style and unconventional beauty. Why Agyness? Cause of her punk persona. She has been known for loving good music, singing, being in the band and stuff. Not enough? Well, Agyness doesn't care.

Britain's got talent, that's for sure. This model and British Vogue editor is a well known TV personality, as for her personal introspection and outspokenness concerning modelling industry. She is a muse to many fashion designers because of her distinctive fashion style. She was called ''Kate Moss'' of the new generation, but for Alexa Chung it was always about being herself and having her own place in the fashion world. She does have a few things in common with Miss Moss: she falls for talented musicians and has a great sense of style. Alexa proves that a girl can be rock 'n' roll and classy in the same time.

If you look back in history of the women who are most memorable and most stylish, they were never the followers of fashion. They were the ones who were unique in their style, breakers of the rules. They were authentic, genuine, original. They were not following the trends.
Nina Garcia

Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Helena Christensen, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder and Stephanie Seymour, photographed by Peter Lindbergh for American Vogue, 1991

Maybe it's time for the new generation of models to break through. And by that we don't mean breaking the Internet, we mean changing the rules of the game, turning the mobile cameras off, bringing some fresh rock 'n' roll vibe into the fashion world. Cause that's when all the magic happens. 

George Michael-Freedom (Models: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford; Director: David Fincher)

Both fashion and music promote together certain kind of lifestyle and have a huge cultural influence. Great fashion moments come from the inspiration instead of yearning for the attention.True sex appeal comes from the inside and it stays forever outside the box of the ever changing fashion trends. No filter or outfit can fake it. In the end, it's all about the attitude: fashion, fun & rock 'n' roll.

Grace Jones, 1985.

Love, Invitation to Inspiration

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