Sunday, June 28, 2015


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Don't wake up honey, drink another glass
don't quit the game, don't let it pass
I will look after you, we will win another war
throw away your magazines, they make you feel poor.

You're home, you're home, don't run away
your teachers were wrong, you're perfect this way
you know what I'm talking about, you feel it's coming too
the sensation of belonging somewhere else, somewhere new.

image from unknown source

We're something new
we're cooler than the rest
we're warmer than warm
we're the worst and the best
with our sunglasses and hats
we rule this stupid town
like the kings and queens
like the fellowship of clowns.

I threw my hat and ran away
I got freaked from the crowd
got sober again
got me and I feel fine.


Love, Invitation to Inspiration

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