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Every little girl knows she is a princess. Wearing a princess dress is one the ways she projects her dreams to the world. She is Cinderella, she is Elsa, and when she grows up, she waits for channeling her inner princess again. At the age of 18, there's her magic night, the prom. And even more after that, there are so many occasions where she  remembers that not only she could be a princess if she wants to, she could also be a queen. At her wedding, again, she dresses and feels like one. We will now glimpse through the magic world of dresses for all these special occasions to celebrate the feminine kingdom.

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Fashion trends change through the years, and so does our taste. But as get mature, we get to know better not only our own taste, but also which kind of cuts suit us and which ones are not the best choice. Choosing the right dress silhouette is even harder when there are so many variations (A-line dress, Ball gown,  mermaid style...) Check out the free advises here to find your own perfect fit.

We will now single out some of our own personal faves, so if you're preparing for the Prom or the Big Wedding, check out these lovely styles:


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What we love about this dress is how it is both gentle and powerful. The cut is wonderful, and waist line is perfect. Also the color game is on the top, the dress is just the right amount of classic and vanguard style. This is the dreamy, classy and sexy type of the dress, all in one. Discreet dress with the right attitude. It accentuates the back and neck line, just perfect for gentle body constitution and sleek hairstyle or updos.

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This is a true romantic classic. Nude is our personal fave, but other colors can also give it a special vibe, especially black. The dress shapes the body perfectly, as if it is part of it. Again, beautiful accent on the back of the body and the lace just makes everything more magical. Lovely materials, gentle straight fall, truly princess-like style. This dress can pull off any hairstyle – the casual the better. Just as in the pic.

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Hello mermaid style! This one is breathtaking. The  lace accentuates body contours and feminine shape just as it should, and black color gives it a certain attitude. It is somewhat naked dress, but the classy version, which we prefer. The dress line doesn't get unnoticed – the fall of the dress is majestic just as the game of dress materials. It is still somewhat daring since it follows the body line as the ornament, which makes it perfect for a true queen.

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This one is from the wedding collection 2017. We stopped right there when we saw it. Rose undertones make it so appealing and yes, there is lace again, because there is nothing like lace. The mermaid style dress that has ends like waterfalls and still doesn't loose the traditional wedding dress vibe, but escapes the predictable rules of a classic wedding dress. This is a wonderful fit for the dream-like wedding we would all like to have.

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Amazing vintage, almost royal dress, with crystal details. Traditional Ball Gown made for the modern fairy tale. Just the right amount of splendor. This one is really powerful, unique, and yet, clean and simple. Almost as if it's telling us some big story right now. 

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Unconventional wedding dress, perfect for trendy brides. Two-piece dress doesn't steal the wedding ceremony charm, in fact, it adds more to it. Relaxed wavy hairstyle  as in the pic perfectly fits the dress. Sleek bun might give it a different, less playful look, but just as stylish. It is as if the dress itself radiates happiness.

So these styles were truly inspiring for us, whether we were thinking of a special event coming up soon, or something more further. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed these pieces as much as we have. Thanks Millybridal UK & UK Long Prom Dresses for the inspiration. Feel free to discover your own favorite style & tell us what makes you fly.


Love, Invitation to Inspiration


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