Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Doctor Love by Banksy

As much as we celebrate love and tolerance, we must not fall into delusion of believing tolerance is the answer to everything. We cannot and we mustn't tolerate everything. What we must teach is the constructive criticism. We must learn first that we may not be always right, even if something feels right to us. We must learn that it's OK not to be right all the time and learn we don’t have to agree on everything, or to understand everything. We must learn to distinguish the attack on our own belief system and the existence of a different belief system. We must accept we have limits, as much as others do. 

The tolerance can easily become a passive aggressively imposed system where individuals no more have a right to express their natural discomfort in order to preserve false tolerant system. To be clearer, there is a huge anti haters’ campaign that’s been going on for some time. And it has something to do with all this aggressive falsely tolerant culture. It is obvious in each and every lifestyle promoted by the media. You shouldn’t feel angry, you shouldn’t feel unhappy, you shouldn’t disagree with what ‘’everyone’’ says is right. If you do, you need psychotherapy. Love and peace is the only thing you should feel, they say. And that sounds beautiful, but it is one very dangerous pretense. 

Here is why:

1. It prohibits every constructive criticism. We know constructive criticism is a way to improve things, and if you force people to tolerate and spread love endlessly, the society becomes zombie land.
2. It is natural to feel hate and sadness as much as it is natural to feel excitement, happiness and love. Every emotion has its source and context, and we should concentrate on handling all these different emotions and understanding them instead of denying we are human beings.
3. To dislike something is not an insult. People have different tastes in food too, and no one gets offended by that. Well, some might… Just because I may not be a cake lover, I am not offending anyone who is, and I am aloud to express my indifference toward cakes or how I think there might be too many cake shows on TV. That is not aggression, it is a simple impression that came from somewhere and has grown in me. An insult would be if I called the cake makers assholes.
4. We defend love and peace when things go our own way. As soon as we are required to adjust our ways and make a certain sacrifice, the rules change. It is something as ‘’I love you and respect you and you’re a loving person as long as you obey my views. ’’ Instead of understanding what might be going on, we all like to yell we’re attacked, and the role of the attacker and the victim easily switches from one side to the other thanks to skilful and dangerous use of words such as tolerance, and intolerance. The question is who should adjust, how, when, where and why.
5.  The anti haters campaign has reached its climax, people have become afraid to show different views, thoughts, discomfort. It is an effective collective brainwashing. Impose something, and define an opposition as an aggression. Convince the majority they are minority by constantly repeating phrases and spreading certain trends. Call them haters if they don’t accept everything you impose.

So what would tolerance be? It is trying to understand others before judging. It is the awareness that there is always something to learn. It is questioning. It is protecting your own world without wanting to belittle and destroy others. It is empathy. But it has to go both ways, both sides. And sometimes, some things, we cannot tolerate. Sometimes we are the victim of tolerance. Tolerate a man pissing on your floor and your house will stink. There are always limits everywhere, only the universe itself has none.
No wonder they have recently made a social application based on the hating taste. People are hungry for anything which proves to be more honest and real than fake love and fake tolerance.

That is why we’ll make this post more fun and name some little things we hate. Feel free to join us in our little hating campaign and hope you’ll feel more at peace with yourself this way!

1. People walking completely carelessly in the middle of road as they own them. Seriously, take care of yourself cause you might get hit by a car and the poor driver will have his life ruined forever.
2. Dog owners who don't clean after their pets in public places. Would you leave it like that in your own home?
3. Obsession with taking photos of food. We love that you’re excited you’re gonna eat that, but unless you’re planning to give us some taste, what’s the message?

4. Measuring quietly someone’s outfit from necklace to shoelace. I have not stolen a single thing I wear, I swear. Also, commenting on body shape. Yes, we do look different, imagine that.
5. Borrowing stuff without returning them. Thanks for the trust issues I have.
6. The new trend of calling women goddesses. No, we are not goddesses. We are people. We don’t have to be goddesses, it is too damn hard, actually it is impossible. And I don’t want to be one. Feminism was never about being a Cleopatra, it is about being respected, not worshiped.

7. Fuckboys calling women sluts.
8. Slackers calling themselves dreamers and intellectuals.
9. Copy cats. Always lurking, watching, examining. From the shadow. And then making quotes about their impressive personality.
10. Overly hyped people, pretending to be excited about everything. You’re not excited about Joe’s Saturday party? He got himself a DJ and a monkey dressed in swimsuit! You’re not? What’s wrong with you???

11. Snap chat animal features. What did I miss? I must have slept for a decade.
12. Recent trend of girls being into boxing and posing with their clean, new gloves. Tough and sexy, I get it.
13. Peter Pan syndrome. Being older than 20 and making a birthday party like you’re 10. Thousand photos of Barbie cake, candles, birthday caps, birthday blowers and hysterical boring smiles. If there was any music in the background it was probably ‘’Mary had a little lamb.’’It's scary. Adult jokes wont help, they make it even worse.

14. Trying too hard to prove you’re special through music. Again, where the hell did you find that artsy shitty clip on Youtube, take it easy man, the music revolution happened long time ago. Unless you’re in high school.

15. Loving God while disrespecting, underestimating and lowering all the people. Man I can hate people too, but seriously?  Also, hating and mocking religious people doesn’t make you a scientist. Ask Einstein and Tesla.
16. Tattooing just because you had to. Let's do all three in a row!

17. Guys who don’t take care of their appearance and want Victoria Secret model for a girlfriend.
18. Guys who want to get into your panties through friendship.
19. Girls who sabotage girls in friendship and love.
20. People who define themselves as true humanitarians but are first to cheat and lie.
21. The Instagram beauty concept. Mascarade make-up for cloning girls. Big ass trend. Posing all day for a spontaneous photo.

22. Street style cloning fashion trends ‘’I woke up like this’’ and ‘’I’m a rock n roll star’’ planned carefully by stylists in the service of marketing certain fashion trends.
23. ‘’Cinderella’’ make-up that looks perfect for half an hour and like a horror story after that.
24. Eavesdroppers. Get a life.
25. ‘’I’m a world traveler’’ trend. Everyone has become a cultural anthropologist these days thanks to social media networking, cheap cameras and cheap flights. 10 years ago half of them wouldn’t sit in a train to the closest town.

26. Big beards. Santa Claus trauma or something, I don’t know. But keep them clean at least.

27. Guys with greasy long hair. Save the planet and cut it off.
28. Garbage collectors. ‘’Don’t throw that chocolate paper, it is a special memory when me and my friend wanted to eat some chocolate.’’
29. Interior design trend: ‘’I love to watch expensive interior decorations; I wish I had money for that. Therefore, I have a taste and I should be an interior designer.’’
30. Blogs everywhere, promoting everyone and everything. :)

I time every journey to bump into you, accidentally
I charm you and tell you of the boys I hate
All the girls I hate
All the words I hate
All the clothes I hate
How I'll never be anything I hate
You smile, mention something that you like
How you'd have a happy life if you did the things you like

(The dark of the matinee, Franz Ferdinand).

Hope we made you smile, we wish you many reasons to love and tolerate your beautiful life and keep it that way!


Love and a little bit of hate, ITI <3


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  2. Thank you, we will try to keep it up :) cheers.

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