Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Don't know what's real any more
who's an ashole or who's the whore
every time I think I've finally got it all
someone comes and makes another hole.

Today I saw young lady
next to an old millionaire
everyone was hating
''oh look what a pair''
Last year she was breaking
in hundreds of pieces
praying, crying, dying
young bum crashed her with kisses.

A smart man cried for love
in all different places
A girl came to him and longed
for his arms, so tenacious
I could go with this, he opened his arms
one happy family with ten thousand lies.

My dear true love, don't you ever sell yourself
stay with me please, until the very last end
forget all their numbers, forget all their names
stay priceless and free from all those small town games.


via #fannylikes

Invitation to Inspiration <3

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