Friday, April 20, 2012


We wish that Invitation To Inspiration was lucky enough to have its own castle where to escape after a busy week... Unfortunately, the only escape we can have at this moment is the virtual one.

The Trullihusen castle ( in Puglia, Italy ) is inhabited by a couple from Denmark – Morten Angelo and Tina Horstedt. Their dreamy house looks like a medieval fortress, and it is an oasis of modern and minimalistic decor in combination with a rustic character of the original medieval building. It is a perfect scenery for relaxation and an escape from everyday stress and routines…
 Castle from the front

white furniture + white stone + white stone fireplace = perfection

 The only thing Invitation To Inspiration disapproves is the deer head ornament on the wall. 

We love this simple decor with just a touch of black...It creates a perfect contrast to white stone walls.

I don't know if I'm in the Inca Empire, Morocco or where I am. But I'm one hundred percent sure I'm on an adventure-Morten Angelo

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