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Very beautiful text by famous Italian architect RENZO PIANOWe hope you find it as inspirational as we do!

One of the oldest challenge for people has always been to create and to build along with discovering, navigating, cultivating the fields...

Being an architect is a noble profession if it's done well. Doing well means to understand and to listen. Art of listening is a complex art. It's  'difficult' because the voices that often have more things to say are discrete and thin...
Listening is not ' obeying' , listening is  not finding compromises, it means ' to listen ' and then try to figure out the best possible projects.

To do for others- it was once said -to achieve a common good, we must always remember that making architecture is building buildings for people, universities, museums, schools, halls for concerts,  all these places have to become places against barbarisation ...places of art.

Art has always shone in the eyes of those who were prone to it.
To create with thoughtfulness 'cause the earth has revealed and warned us about ours fragility'. For this I do not believe in nuclear power and instead I strongly believe in renewable energy ... Italy has so much sun and wind ...

Making beauty, or at least try to make it...

The beauty is impregnable, you reach out the hand and art escapes. If you define art as the Greeks did ... WHEN THE BEAUTY AND ' GOOD' ARE TOGETHER then everything becomes possible.
BEAUTY AND THE 'USEFULNESS'  put together can win against formalism , they can win the academy ...

To achieve SILENCE, to build emotions, architecture seeks silence, the emptiness in which our consciousness can be find. Silence  is a bit like the darkness, we must have the courage to see it ... and then slowly begin to see the profile of things.
So the architecture is an art too, an art of creating places for silence, for meditation...

We have to allow young people to create, we have to put our self 'aside, we need to enhance the talent, politics needs to do public contests, there are so many young talents that have nothing to do...
The politics  is afraid of  "talents", because 'a talent gives you the freedom' and the strength to rebel...

Young people must go and travel, they must leave, but out of curiosity, not out of despair and then they have to come  back home. TO GO AND THEN TO RETURN ...  they must go to understand how 'the rest of the world" is made, but also because of  something more important than that-  THEY MUST GO TO GET TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THEMSELVES...

                                                                                             Renzo Piano - cosa significa "FARE"

Translation from Italian to English by INVITATION TO INSPIRATION. You can find here the original conversation with an architect Renzo Piano.

Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center ( Nouméa, New Caledonia 1991 ) designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

The traditional Kanak Great House in conical shape
Piano was inspired by traditional Kanak architecture drawing upon the shape of the interior skeleton of traditional houses for his contemporary interpretation in laminated wood and metal. One of the characteristics of the project is an investigation of the texture of materials: we have used laminated wood and natural wood, concrete and coral, aluminum castings and glass panels, tree bark and stainless steel, always in a quest for richness and complexity of detail... Light and air flow freely through each.

A model of the Kanak house or pavilion or Case planned in the Cultural Cente  
"expressing the tradition of the Pacific in modern language"

The center is composed of ten "houses", all of different sizes and with different functions intended as a celebration of  Kanak culture. The visual link between these and traditional Kanak villages is made  not just through the arrangement of the constructions, but through their form as well. 

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