Monday, April 9, 2012


Revelation of the sea- your soul keeps silent
Playing of the music- your soul speaks

Your soul keeps silent and speaks:
the leaves of the future quiver
in the tree tops
You have made me sick inside myself
where you dwell
And I must not see you anymore
When I would look at you until the end of time
which you turn into a moment
an eternal moment because of you

Your presence erases the paths of my silence
which I wander in your absence
Do not let me see you
I want to inhabit you with my living self 
and to stop following your life outside me

I follow my dream
And in the depths of the sea I call upon the light
Enter its body
so I do not lose it
To seek you does not mean to live
but to blindly ask these deaf landscapes
to be filled with you 

To see you does not mean to die
but to wrestle with the shadows of the dim dream
in which you vanish

To have you does not mean to be fed
but to devour fruits with a hungry throat 
and to dry up the springs with thirsty chest

To lose you does not mean to become impoverished
but to be scared of the waste land
and to  foretell the misery
you leave behind 
The only imprint of your life on Earth
will be
this sob of mine over you

The trees cry the poem
I have prayed for you
                                                                                          Josip Pupačić (1928- 1971)

Pupačić`s birthplace Slime through the lens of Invitation To Inspiration

Invitation To Inspiration finds Josip Pupačić to be the most introspective and soulful poet Croatia had in the 20th century.
His verses are beyond deep...
They are rich with various meaningsrepresenting an eternal invitation to self- search.

You may read the Croatian version of the poem here.

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