Friday, April 6, 2012


INVITATION TO INSPIRATION loves houses which have been built with local materials. That kind of approach ensures a drastic reduction of the construction`s dangerous impact on the environment. 

The Local Rock House is located in  New Zealand ( Waiheke Island ) and was designed by PATTERSONS ASSOCIATES. It is called the Local Rock House because much of its material was sourced from local stone.

Waiheke Island is famous for its beautiful beaches and vineyards, and it is a place of many of the Auckland region`s finest holiday homes. 

  The combination of  materials together with the play of light and shadow create a charming atmosphere which makes this house such a wonderful  summer residence.

 The bedroom areas, grouped above the main living area as finely scaled louvered metal lookouts in the canopy line, close up like an oyster when the house is empty. 


Be environment- friendly with us!


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    1. Yes, looks like an amazing place to be...and we can only hope to get there one day too!