Monday, April 13, 2015

5 small steps to freedom

1. Find your own thing. Hint: it's not in the hands of other people

When you do something out of love and passion, you already have the only reward you truly need. Some people will never understand your passions, others simply wont care. and some will find their own passions in the same place as you. Yes, there are things in life you must do just  for the sake of living. But when and if you find even the slightest passion in between them, don't let it go. As long as it calls you, don't let it go. You will learn that this passion is a gift. One of the most beautiful things in life is to see someone enjoying something without expectation and without calculation. The way you react to other peoples passions also tells a lot about you. Remember, people change minds, people follow trends, people want to compete. So stop thinking about other people and do what you love for the sake of it while you're doing this thing called living. Enjoy being just you.

2. Trust your gut

Let other people think and talk for themselves. Your life is your life. If you feel something doesn't serve you in any way and brings you bad moods, stop messing with it. Abandon everything that makes you feel, think and talk negative. You're not supposed to fit everywhere, and that means you're healthy. You don't have to do or try everything, you're not the rat in the lab. Let your intuition lead you to the people and places that are right for you. That will make you grow and become better than you are now. Because you can always be better. Intuition is faster than the logic, save yourself from wasting time, everyone's time is precious. Just trust yourself a little bit more than you trust strangers on the internet. Go with your own flow.

3. Don't wait for better days to do stuff

Sometimes we want so many things, but the time just doesn't seem right. And that's ok too, because you can't control everything in your life. Don't listen to everyone saying ''Do it now before it's too late!''...Ok, so...How many days do I have left? Because I really want to go to New Zealand, but I simply don't have money and spare time for that journey right now.
But-if the fear is the only thing that is stopping you from doing something you think would be great for you, kill the fear. There wont be a better time when you will feel smarter or braver than you do now. This IS how you become smarter and braver. You really are better than you think you are, right now, at this very own moment. There is no such thing as the perfect moment. Free yourself from the fears and doubts. 

4. Concentrate less on how others can help you and more on how you can help others

When you move the focus from yourself to the others, you deceive your own ego, like a boss. Look around you. What can YOU do for someone else? You are already enough. Stop expecting something, and concentrate on the things you could do for others. Wait to see how things suddenly start to get a lot easier and much more interesting.

5. ''So what''

You are not so perfect, so what? If you had done this instead of that, the result would have been better, so what? Stop taking yourself OR ANYONE seriously, even the life shouldn't be taken too seriously. You know how life is fragile, unpredictable, hard and how we are all fucked up. So what? You are not a big deal, but the fact that you are here and alive right now, the one and the only, reading this, is just one of thousands of miracles you are being indifferent to. So turn another page if you don't fancy a chapter, and repeat this mantra when you start feeling like a tragic hero in another oh-what-a-surprise-my-life-is-so-hard story.

Love, A & M 

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