Sunday, April 26, 2015


-Why are you still dreaming young dreamer, when all of your friends have been awaken by now?
-Their faces don't look eager any more, I don't hear them laugh any more, that's why.
-There's so much to see with your eyes wide open, the light is warmer and the sun is real!
-I have never seen a man who stares at the sun, or seeks its light if he never dreams.
-When you get older and wiser, you'll feel sorry for the time spent in dreams!
-When I get older and tired my friend,  my dreams will stay young, and death won`t be real.
-Hear me now my sweet little dreamer, your dreams can never make you feel complete!
-If life could really make us feel like that, then one should never take it for real!  
-But don't you want to settle and make the best of your life?
-Only cattle can settle, that's not my line. I've travelled in my dreams through space and time, I've met so many people, I want to rest for a little while . At the end of the day, we're just who we are, no person can change it, no place or time. From day one to that final cry, only in your dreams you find who you are.
-Could you show me where you come from and take me there?
-Just close your eyes and tell me you care.

photo by Invitation to Inspiration
Love, Invitation to Inspiration