Tuesday, March 20, 2012


cutting through the headaches
with white scissors
and bare fingers,
digging through the fat
with porcelain bones
and loose tendons.

A new found beauty
which makes the eye balls
burst into million
glassy pieces
and air inwoven
with humidity
for the hairs to curl.

Knees will last
just about enough
for the stilettos
not to bleed

and the oversized sash
will flutter around
the breasts
not bigger than those of a ten- year-old
as the jury
gives the perfect ten
for the swimsuit contest.   

The new beauty queen
will blow kisses all over the place
and I`ll stop eating sugar and carbs.  

photo by Invitation To Inspiration

Invitation To Inspiration finds real beauty to be a constant creative force no matter what you do in life.
Beauty does not reside on the pages of the books and magazines nor does it dwell in mystical places seen only on TV.

It is not outside, but within your reach.
You`re a part of it just as anybody else is.
Untie your confidence and don`t turn your back on real beauty of yourself and the people around you.

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