Monday, March 26, 2012


A little furry friend crashed our photo shoot :) 

A pair of Chuck Taylors walking across a 1 700 years old emperor`s palace. 
Sounds insane?
Not, if you live in Split!
    We take the life inside the palace for granted, forgetting how special and magical it is.  
INVITATION TO INSPIRATION duo finds the architecture of their hometown to be a powerful inspirational force. 
The vivid spirit of ancient Rome walking hand in hand with hectic, contemporary way of life- that`s what we`re all about!
We may not be queens, but we sure have a palace of our own...

                                Top: WGW    Parka: DOROTHY PERKINS   Jeggings: TOPSHOP  
                               Bandana: ACCESSORIZE   Sunglasses: H&M     Sneakers: CONVERSE 

               Photo by INVITATION TO INSPIRATION inside the walls of Diocletian`s Palace

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