Wednesday, March 28, 2012


RURAL STUDIO FILM: an ongoing sustainable live-build education project masterminded by professor Samuel Mockbee in Hale County, Alabama. The film’s focus was on building sustainable communities in deprived areas rather than providing technical insight into experimental building methods.

Experimental pod house made of cardboard bales, Rural Studio, Hale County, Alabama 
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The film beautifully captures Sambo Mockbee's gifts both as an architect and as a teacher. As Mockbee and his students work with black and white families in Alabama, they present viewers with a powerful architectural vision. It is a vision that challenges architects to build exciting housing that is accessible to all our society. Congratulations on an exceptionally fine film.   

                                                                                               William Ferris

INVITATION TO INSPIRATION supports the idea that fine architecture doesn't have to be reserved for wealthy patrons or grand civic spaces...It is something that should belong to everybody...

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