Monday, March 12, 2012


Outside, in the backyard, one of the dogs began to bark. The leaves of the aspen tree that leaned past the window flickered in the breeze. The afternoon sunlight was like a presence in the room. There was suddenly a feeling of ease and generosity around the table, of friendship and comfort. We could have been anywhere. We raised our glasses again and grinned at each other like children who had agreed on something for once.

"I`ll tell you what real love is", Herb said finally, breaking the spell. "I mean I`ll give you a good example of it, and then you can draw your own conclusions". He poured a little more gin into his glass.
"What do any of us really know about love?" Herb said. "I kind of mean what I`m saying too, if you`ll pardon me for saying it. But it seems to me we`re just rank beginners at love."

                                                                                    Raymond Carver

As we are rank beginners at blogging!

So, whenever you`re inspired to share your thoughts with us, just hit the comment button and tell it to our face!

Only your honest comments can make us experienced blog masters!
And don`t bother to take it easy on us- we`re big girls, we can take it ;)