Friday, March 23, 2012


Is it possible not to fall in love with this project? If you ask INVITATION TO INSPIRATION this is how architecture should be- minimal and in perfect harmony with nature.

It is located in the province of Cáceres ( Spain ) and designed by architectural firm A'baton. The idea was to transform an abandoned stable into a stunning family home by completely renovating it in a way that would be respectful of the environment.

Problems related to the electricity and water supply were solved through sustainability systems: a solar panel system with storage batteries was developed to supply energy during the summer; turbines were installed taking advantage of the course of the the two streams that run through the estate providing electricity for the winter.

 The supporting walls in the interior were replaced by light metal pillars.

The concept of Japanese architecture, the feeling that the place you're in is outside. The constant perception of outside, of meditation, of enjoying the outside, nature of the impermanence around you... we always have contact with the exterior, trying to put inside all the spaces from the outside...It`s a Japanese concept...TO SIMPLY ADORE THE NATURE

...and something else very beautiful- gifts from nature, when you play with it...the reflections of the water inside the house... NATURE IS FREE, IT'S LIKE A GIFT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, YOU HAVE IT HERE, YOU CAN ENJOY IT, YOU ONLY HAVE TO RESPECT IT...  
Observing and admiring nature helps you generate your own respect as well! 

This fountain is where they collected water we're trying to recover nature in its course...It goes under the house and continues to the river. We`ve tried to recover all that should be here naturally. We've  brought a type of architecture which we see as the best way to live, but what we had found here was magnificent...

The stone found in the surrounding area was used to build the house and the swimming pool. 

The facade is still in the original stone and mud, though given the facade`s deteriorating state, they were forced to add cement behind it.

We find this project simply beautiful - the stone, the landscape, the pool... and the way that nature is respected is truly inspirational... 

... it`s all about the water from the rivers...

   minimal and natural house in an impressive landscape leaves INVITATION TO INSPIRATION speechless...

Find out more about this stunning project here.


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    1. PREDIVNO je zaista prava riječ! " Ljepota " se ne moze projektirati i ne znamo odakle dolazi taj osjeć je osjećaj povezan sa ljudima, zrakom, okolinom, prirodom i našom interakcijom sa njima. Iznenađujuće je koliko smo bombardirani milijunskim " šljaštećim " projektima koji nas pokušavaju uvjeriti da je LJEPOTA arhitekture proporcionalna novcu koji se ulaže u nju... a nekad je potrebno tako malo...stara štala,dva potočića i jedna odlicna ideja poštivanja prirode = prekrasna arhitektura!!! :-D